Couple Takes In 46 Animals During Hurricane

Couple Takes In 46 Animals During Hurricane

As Hurricane Irma approached Florida, one animal-loving couple made sure they were fully stocked up on supplies to keep their beloved pets safe during the storm.

However, when Ron and Gretchen Levine, who run A Paw Above Pet Sitting Services, found out that many people in their area were evacuating and couldn’t bring their pets along, they knew they had to do something to keep those innocent animals safe.

Ron and Gretchen decided to take in as many pets as possible from people evacuating, and even went out to pick up pets for people who had been on vacation and couldn’t get home. By the time the deadly hurricane hit, the two managed to take in 46 different animals from about 23 families.

“Everyone has been getting along great; we do separate the smaller dogs from larger ones,” Ron said. “The cats are set up in cat condos in a second bedroom and our office area. All the animals could care less about the storm… As of now we have no idea how long they will stay with us, as our clients’ flights are delayed or canceled.”

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[Featured image: Ron Levine]