Couple Surprises Family With Life-Changing Adoption News

Couple Surprises Family With Life-Changing Adoption News

One North Carolina couple had always dreamed of adopting a child. So when they finally found out that their dream was becoming a reality they couldn’t wait to share the exciting news with their family and friends.

Tammy and Drew Waltz always planned on starting their family by adopting a child that needed a loving home. However, when they hosted four siblings from Eastern Europe this past Christmas, they knew they were meant to be a family and started looking into the possibility of adopting the 8, 9, 11, and 13-year-old brothers and sister.

“We decided in March that we were going to adopt them, and then told the kids when they came back for another hosting visit this past summer,” said Tammy. “Of course we initially had some hesitation, but once we met them we knew they were our children. Also, we kind of like the craziness!”

“The first time they left after Christmas, they cried at the airport, but after the summer, it was really like they were leaving their mom and dad when they said goodbye to us,” Tammy explained. “Once they felt they belonged here, they started to invest. They started to help with the dishes and take out the trash. They became so affectionate toward us.”

The couple is still waiting for a court date to finalize the adoption, but decided to surprise everyone with the news and record the emotional reactions. “I wanted to remember their reactions,” Tammy said. “And I wanted to have it for the kids.”

Watch the entire video below to see the awesome moment this couple shares life-changing news with their friends and families.

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[Featured image: Lifesong for Orphans]