Couple Surprises Family After Keeping Pregnancy A Secret

Couple Surprises Family After Keeping Pregnancy A Secret

One of the most exciting moments for expecting parents is telling friends and family the exciting news, but it can be heartbreaking to have to tell everyone that the baby tragically miscarried.

So after a few complications with past pregnancies, one Utah couple decided it would be best to wait until they were sure the baby was healthy to share the news. However, after keeping the pregnancy a secret for half the time, parents Katie and Tannin Pease decided to see if they could keep it a secret for a few more months and surprise everyone with the exciting news at the end.

“We just decided we weren’t going to tell anyone until the end of it,” Tannin said. “I wore baggier clothes,” Katie told KUTV about how the couple was able to keep the surprise a secret from most people. “I tried not to wear clothes that were too obvious. We avoided attending events that weren’t super important so we wouldn’t show off the pregnancy.”

For nine months, Tannin and Katie came up with a lot of excuses why Katie couldn’t make it to an event and only told a handful of friends and some of Katie’s family about the baby. Tannin’s dad was the only member of his family that knew about the surprise after he made a surprise visit during a business trip to Utah a few months before. But when it came time to reveal the big surprise to everyone, Tannin and Katie invited his parents to fly in and stay at their house and told mom Carolynn that it was for her birthday.

Yet when the grandparents walked through the door, Carolynn instantly broke into tears when she saw Katie’s belly and was speechless when she found out the baby was coming the very next day. “She was just almost speechless, which is nearly impossible for my mom – she always has something to say,” said Tannin, who filmed the surprise reveal and posted it to Facebook to share the news with everyone else. “A lot of people were flabbergasted by it. People are like what did you do? Hide her in a closet for 9 months? It was a little bit of hard work and it definitely paid off in the end,” he said. “My siblings were the most surprised.”

“I was just too excited to surprise everyone,” Katie said. “They get the surprise for the baby and they don’t have to wait 9 months. All of the sudden the baby is there. If someone did that to me, I would love it even more if I didn’t have to wait to meet that baby. I’d like to meet them instantly; I think that’s what makes it so great.”

Watch the entire video below to see the emotional moment this couple finally told their family they were having a baby.

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[Featured Image: Facebook/Tannin Pease]