Cops Save Child Trapped Inside Burning House

Cops Save Child Trapped Inside Burning House

While on patrol, one North Texas police officer from the Everman Police Department stumbled upon a house that was on fire with a 13-year-old girl trapped inside.

The two adults that lived in the home were accounted for, but their daughter was still in danger. Sgt. Jimmy Combs knew the fire was growing quickly and that there wasn’t enough time to wait until the fire department arrived, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

“Come to my light, come on sweetie,” Sgt. Combs yelled out to the girl after he broke through one of the home’s windows. When he didn’t hear a response, he stripped out of his uniform and started making his way in. “There was a lot of smoke, a lot of heat. Police uniforms aren’t built for that,” Combs explained.

Moments later, a firefighter arrived and helped Combs pull the girl out of the home to safety. “After about three minutes of CPR she did regain consciousness,” Combs said. “It was very brave of him. You don’t see that many people that would do that. Most people would just wait for the fire department because that’s what they do,” said Christian Ochoa, who dialed 911 and witnessed Combs’ selfless actions.

“It’s just what we do. It was a rough day. I don’t want to be a hero. That’s not what I’m here for. It was just another day,” Combs said.

Watch the entire video below to see the brave thing this police officer did when he realized a child was trapped in a burning home.

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[Featured image: NBC]