Cops Buy Food For Homeless Woman’s Dog

People can often be cruel or dismissive to the homeless, which is why one New York woman broke down in tears after seeing how two police officers treated a homeless woman.

When Kaitlyn McNamara stopped by a local gas station to get some coffee one morning, she saw a homeless woman sitting outside with her dog. As she walked inside, she saw two Buffalo Police officers stop to talk to the woman. “I heard the officer ask to pet her dog before walking into the store,” McNamara said.

While she was buying her coffee, the two officers stepped inside and McNamara noticed they picked up some dog food and treats. “I walked out at the same time as them and heard the officer say, ‘Here, I bought your dog some stuff,'” McNamara said. “Her face immediately lit up.”

“I started crying,” she said. “I didn’t want to intrude on the moment too much so I continued into my car and secretly watched from afar. It was very selfless and genuine and real. It did not feel rehearsed or out of obligation. It was very real. Truly beautiful.”

“We live in a beautiful world and, despite the negativity that often rises to the headlines, there is still good out there,” McNamara said. “A lot of it.”

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[Featured image: Kaitlyn McNamara]