Cop Saves A Dog And His Owner Being Mauled By A Pit Bull

Cop Saves A Dog And His Owner Being Mauled By A Pit Bull

Cops are trained to handle all kinds of emergency situations, so when one California cop heard a woman screaming for help and found her trying to wrestle a vicious pit bull off her own dog, he knew exactly what to do.

This past week Cara Emes had taken her four-year-old Cocker Spaniel mix named Gus out for a walk around the neighborhood like they normally did every other morning. However, in the middle of their walk, a pit bull came out of nowhere and charged at the pair at full speed.

The pit bull lunged at Gus and bit down onto his throat. “My dog is screaming, I was screaming for help just for anybody, there weren’t any neighbors around,” Emes said. Emes managed to pull the pit bull off Gus, grabbed him, and ran across the street while still screaming for help.

“I’m holding my dog, but the dog just jumped up, got my dog by the throat, and took Gus down to the ground again and so again we’re all three on the ground, struggling. I’m just doing everything I can just trying to get this dog cause I thought to myself, I really had the thought, like I’m watching my dog is going to die in this moment, and I couldn’t stop it,” Emes said.

Luckily, Fresno County Sheriff’s Detective Jeff Stricker happened to be driving nearby and rushed over when he heard the screams. “I was telling everyone to get away, because my first intention was I don’t know if this dog’s attacking her or what and if I need to put the dog down, I need to put the dog down.” But Stricker, who has worked as a K-9 handler, knew there was another way he could stop the attack. Instead of pulling out his gun, Stricker twisted and pulled on the pit bull’s neck and the dog finally let go.

“I’m just extremely grateful that that person was there from the Sheriff’s Department, and that also somebody did finally come out of their home to help as well, because we were not doing well on our own, we needed help,” said Emes.”It’s what we sign up to do, it’s our job, and it was an opportunity to help someone and that’s what I did,” said Stricker, who plans to accompany Emes and Gus on walks with his own dog when they finally resume their morning routine.

Watch the entire video below to see how Gus is doing after the traumatic attack.

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[Featured image: ABC30]