Cop Jumps Into Moving Car To Save Toddler From High Mother

Cop Jumps Into Moving Car To Save Toddler From High Mother

Normally cops pull people over for driving over the speed limit, but when one New York police officer spotted a car driving just 20 mph on a fast-paced expressway, he knew something was wrong.

“I roll down my window, and the motorist rolled down her window as well. I told her to pull over, and with the window down she told me, ‘I can’t.’,” Suffolk County police officer Joe Goss said about the woman, who he suspected was on drugs. Then he looked in the backseat and spotted a 22-month-old baby car seat.

“When I saw the baby, I gasped and literally started doing [what he learned] to maneuver in highway patrol to slow traffic down to make it safer.” When Goss finally got the 37-year-old mother, Maria Lagatta, to slow down to just 5 mph, he sped up ahead, got out of his car, and the lept into the moving car as it passed him.

“I didn’t Superman into the car or anything like that,” he said. “I’m pretty tall so I was able to lean up. All I had to do was move one of my feet up, like a pool shot move. I was able to lean in, and so once I got my hand on it, her hand was on the shifter as well, so we just forced it right into park.”

“All your training says, don’t go into a moving car, and I didn’t like the idea of it, but when the window of opportunity was there, and her speed is so slow, I jumped at it,” said Goss. “I’m fortunate it worked out the way it did.”

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[Featured image: PIX11]