Cop Donates Kidney To 8-Year-Old After Meeting Him For First Time

Cop Donates Kidney To 8-Year-Old After Meeting Him For First Time

Police officers dedicate their lives to helping their communities, however, one Wisconsin officer is being hailed a hero for going above and beyond to save a little boy’s life despite only just meeting him.

This past year, 8-year-old Jackson Arneson was diagnosed with posterior urethral valves, a condition that has caused damage to his kidneys. Recently, his kidney function had gotten so bad that his only option left was to find a donor kidney and transplant it. Mom Kristi Goll and the rest of their family got tested, but no one was a match, so Goll reached out on social media to encourage anyone willing to get tested.

“I always knew these days would come, it’s just so hard when they are here. I have reached out before, I am just trying again to see if we can find anyone out there that would be interested in being tested. Social media has the ability to go a long ways, and Jackson’s transplant social worker reassured me of this. This would be the very best gift we could receive,” Goll wrote in a post to her Facebook.

Goll’s post quickly spread, and when Lindsey Bittorf, a police officer with the Milton Police Department, spotted it online, she decided to see if she was a match. Incredibly, Bittorf’s test results showed she was practically a perfect match, which is rare for people who aren’t related, and she knew then she was going to give an organ away to a boy she’d never met. “I’m pretty set in my ways, so if I set my mind to something, there’s really not talking me out of doing this. I was doing it,” she said. “This is seriously, like, meant to be. It’s going to be me.”

Last week, Bittorf stopped by the family’s home and surprised them with the life-changing news. “I took an oath to serve and protect our community, and now my kidney’s going to serve and protect you,” Bittorf told Jackson. “Jackson forever has his hero,” Goll said. “Lindsey, I already feel so connected to you… and I’ve known you for a day. We cannot thank you enough for continuing Jackson’s journey with us.”

Watch the entire video below to see the awesome moment this little boy finds out that he’s finally getting a new kidney.

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[Featured image: ABC News]