Cop Adopts Puppy He Found Abandoned In A Box

Cop Adopts Puppy He Found Abandoned In A Box

When one animal-loving Georgia cop heard that someone had found an abandoned 10-week-old puppy on the side of the road, he rushed to the scene as soon as possible.

“She was in a cardboard box and it was closed in. A passerby saw the box and stopped, and saw there was a puppy in it. So he opened up the box and laid it on the side and got some water for it, then called 911,” said Deputy Earl Hanners, who had been helping out at a car accident when the call first came through on his radio.

Once he finished with the car accident, he rushed over to the location where the puppy had been reported and instantly fell in love when he saw the tiny puppy for the first time. “I told the guy … to cancel animal control,” Hanners said. “I’m going to take the puppy and get her to a vet and check her out.”

Since it was almost 90 degrees Farenheit when the puppy was discovered, she was overheating and dehydrated so Hanners got her out of the sun and gave her plenty of water. “We got her on the back porch, and I called my vet’s office and told them what I had,” Hanners said about the puppy he named Bridget. “I gave her water and food, and just let her kick back and relax and regroup from all the heat. She ate about three or four bowls of food and water.”

Hanners planned to foster Bridget until he could find her a home sine he already had eight dogs of his own, but was already too in love with her to let her go. Instead, he brought her to the vet to be vaccinated and checked for diseases and then brought her home. “We just introduced her to the other dogs in the house last night. It just takes a day or two of watching, and they blend right into the pack,” Hanners said. “She just loves to cuddle. She loves my grandchildren. She’s just a very, very sweet loving dog.”

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[Featured image: Earl Hanners]