Construction Workers Save A Toddler Who Was Drowning

Construction Workers Save A Toddler Who Was Drowning

Normally, we think of heroes as police officers, firefighters, or soldiers, but heroes come in all shapes and sizes. And for one Washington State little boy, his heroes wear hard hats, tool belts, and work boots.

Recently, three construction workers were working at a site on Lake Washington when one of them, Chris Lucas, saw something unusual. “I noticed a young lady jumping off the dock. It didn’t look natural, it looked panicky,” said Lucas.

“Chris glanced over to the dock over here and said “Something’s wrong,’ and immediately bolted,” said construction worker Sean Sumner. “As I was running, I was taking my bags, my harness off, my vest, my phone came out, my wallet came out,” said the third worker, Ernesto Vasquez.

Chris got to the water first and jumped in to help the struggling woman. “And I jumped in,” said Chris. “Somehow I landed on a pillar, on a piling, and was able to get to my feet. When I could, she came over and I grabbed the little boy and I put him up on the dock.”

“It was just instinctual. I didn’t think about it, I just did it,” said Chris. “Finally we heard him like cry, out,” said Sean. “That changed our lives, I’d have to say.” Thanks to their efforts, Nathan, who ran away from his mom while at a nearby park, woke up and is now completely recovered.

“From seeing the baby, pale, dilated pupils, not breathing, very limp, very little pulse on him, we thought that it was literally a miracle that we were able to help out and get the baby out,” said Ernesto. “Life-changing experience.”

“Thanks to those people, my son is still with me today,” said Nathan’s dad.

Watch the entire video below to see how this mom reacted after three heroes came to her aid.

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[Featured image: KSDK]