Cancer Survivor Discovers She’s Pregnant With Miracle Baby

Cancer Survivor Discovers She’s Pregnant With Miracle Baby

When mom-of-one Sarah Pickles discovered she had breast cancer in 2014, she was prepared to do anything to survive even if it meant destroying all chances of ever becoming a mother again.

“I knew from the day I was diagnosed that I had two options, either I was going to let the cancer control me or I was going to control it,” Pickles said. “For me dying was not an option, it was just not, I had to do everything I could to get me through it.”

Pickles underwent chemotherapy that removed all seven tumors and had a double mastectomy to drastically reduce the risk of her cancer returning. In 2015, Pickles was told she was finally cancer free, but the life-saving treatment meant she’d never have more kids. “Percentage-wise, we were told that the chances of us getting pregnant after chemotherapy was probably about 1 percent. Even when we went to the IVF clinic they said that it was about 1 percent that even IVF would work.”

However, this past year Pickles started having back pain and was terrified the cancer had returned. She immediately rushed to the hospital for a scan, but when the staff noticed a shadow near her spine, they had her take a pregnancy test. “She asked if I thought I was pregnant – I said no, definitely not I can’t get pregnant,” Pickles said. “Ten minutes later she came back in with a pregnancy test that I had done and I think she was a bit scared to tell me because of what I had said to her but she eventually said, ‘you’re pregnant’.”

“I didn’t know what to say. I had gone from having these tests and getting reassurance that everything was ok to this. My husband was half way up Everest base camp at the time, leading an expedition, when I told him. So he was there and I was here, four weeks pregnant with this miracle pregnancy. It was just meant to be,” said Pickles, who is due to give birth to her miracle baby boy in just a few weeks. “After what we’ve been through together, it’s just perfect.”

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