Boy Saves Sister’s Leg And Life After Horrific Car Accident

Boy Saves Sister’s Leg And Life After Horrific Car Accident

After a traumatic accident, it’s natural to go into shock. However, after a 13-year-old was in a horrific car accident with his mom and sister, he managed to stay calm and knew exactly what to do to keep his sister alive.

A few weeks ago, one Illinois mom, who has MS and other health issues, was driving a friend’s car with her two kids when she accidentally drove off the road. The car ended up hitting a tree, flipping over, and landing on the roof. Brandi Bass and her 13-year-old son, Caleb, were shaken but didn’t have any serious injuries.

Bass’ 10-year-old daughter, however, had forgotten to fasten her seatbelt and was thrown through the back window. As she was thrown from the car, broken glass shredded her leg. “She was screaming, ‘My knee’s broken! My knee’s broken!’ But it wasn’t broken, her leg was cut,” Bass said. “That’s when we knew she wasn’t in the car.”

“Her leg got cut from the ankle to her knee,” said Bass, who was too shocked to do anything “It was cut all the way to the bone.” But Caleb stayed calm, forced his door open, and ran over to his sister to tie a tourniquet around her leg to stop the bleeding.

Kira was then airlifted to a hospital to treat her injuries. “They told me if wasn’t for (Caleb), she would have bled out,” Bass said. “He keeps telling everybody, ‘I am not a hero.’ And I keep telling him, ‘Yes you are, baby doll. You saved your sister’s life. People are just telling you that you did that.’’’

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[Featured image: Fox2]