Boy Hands Out Homemade Lunches To The Homeless Every Week

Boy Hands Out Homemade Lunches To The Homeless Every Week

After school let out for the summer last year, one Massachusetts boy started thinking about all the things he wanted to do with his free time.

Instead of asking to go to summer camp or on a vacation, 10-year-old Liam Hannon asked his dad, Scott Hannon, if he could make bagged lunches and hand them out to the homeless all around Cambridge. “[Liam] has a huge heart,” Hannon said about his son. “Plus, it was something nice we could do together as father and son and with my wife and baby.”

Soon after telling his father his plans, Liam started “Liam’s Lunches of Love,” and started handing out 20 lunches each week. “[M]any of the people we help are actually really nice and could use just a little kindness in their lives,” Liam said. “It just feels really good to help.”

After seeing how passionate Liam was about his project, Hannon started a GoFundMe to raise money so they could make 60 lunches each week. “It makes me really proud as a dad,” Hannon added. So far, Liam has handed out 300 lunches and even though summer is over, he has continued his community service on the weekends.

“What Scott and Liam have done has been to really give [the homeless] self-respect and kindness in a really tough circumstance,” said Krystal Kelly, director of development at the Hildebrand Family Help Center where Liam also collects school supplies for homeless children. “It’s the first time that any of those folks have been looked at in the eye or anyone has acknowledged their presence. To think that a 10-year-old can be that selfless, it’s amazing.”

Watch the entire video below to see how this 10-year-old spends his free time.

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[Featured image: CCTV/ABC News]