Bombing Survivor Has Baby After Doctors Said It Was Impossible

Bombing Survivor Has Baby After Doctors Said It Was Impossible

Four years ago on April 15, 2013, Rebekah Gregory’s life was changed forever when she was struck by a homemade bomb that was detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

In order to save her life, doctors had to amputate Gregory’s left leg. As if that wasn’t already devastating, doctors also explained that the blast had traumatized her body internally and told Gregory that she would never be able to have another child.

“They told me I’d never be able to have another baby and that was crushing,” said Gregory, whose body was riddled with shrapnel from the bomb. “They told me based on all the internal injuries and the shrapnel I had that it would be difficult to have a baby or even conceive a child.”

However, Gregory defied the odds when she became pregnant, and while she and her husband Chris were overjoyed by the miracle, the pregnancy was extremely dangerous. “I had a placenta abruption and they were worried about me losing my life as well as hers,” she said.

Because of the complications, baby Ryleigh was born prematurely and was very underdeveloped and had issues with her lungs. Yet Gregory’s miracle baby overcame every obstacle and is now healthy and thriving. “Now life is beautiful, Ryleigh is perfect and we are happy as we’ve ever been,” she said.

Watch the entire video below to see how well this miracle baby is doing today.

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[Featured image: Inside Edition]