Bomb Squad Builds Beeping Eggs So Blind Kids Can Hunt Easter Eggs

Bomb Squad Builds Beeping Eggs So Blind Kids Can Hunt Easter Eggs

The brave soldiers and police officers that belong to bomb squads use their skills to keep civilians and their communities safe. Recently, however, local New Mexico explosive specialists are using their skills to help their communities in another way.

When Air Force Tech Sgt. John Johnson heard about a beeping Easter egg hunt held in South Carolina for blind and visually impaired children, he was inspired to host a similar event in his own community. “I was wondering if our community had a need for that,” Johnson said.

Johnson received a lot of positive feedback about the event, so with the help of dozens of local explosive specialists from the Air Force, the Army, and the Albuquerque Police Department’s bomb squad, he decided to put on a beeping Easter egg hunt on April 15.

To prepare, the explosive specialists came together at the Kirtland Air Force Base to build circuits to go inside the eggs, which would make a beeping noise that will allow children to hunt them by sound rather than sight. “We tried to build an assembly line, and it’s going pretty well,” said Air Force Tech Sgt. John Johnson. “We’re building some pretty in-depth circuits.”

“I think it’s important that blind people get an opportunity to do the same thing that sighted people do,” said nine-year-old Faith Switzer who was thrilled when she heard about the event. “We need more of it. You know, these kids just want to be normal and…” said Adam Buckner, a grateful dad who plans to take his visually impaired son to the egg hunt. “It’s just really sweet.”

Watch the entire video below to see the amazing thing these soldiers and police officers are doing for children with special needs this Easter.

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[Featured image: KRQE]