Boaters Find Puppy In Suitcase Thrown Into River

Boaters Find Puppy In Suitcase Thrown Into River

A group of boaters who planned on having a day of fun on one California river turned into lifesaving heroes after they fished a suitcase out of the water and decided to see what was inside.

When the group first saw the suitcase bobbing up and down in the water, they thought it was just trash. Thankfully, they decided to pluck the bag out anyway, just to make sure nothing was inside. Yet when they unzipped the suitcase, they discovered an injured 6-month-old puppy that was miraculously still alive.

The boaters rushed to the puppy, who has been named Juno, to Stockton Animal Services for treatment. “On her left front leg she’s got a compound fracture the bones exposed, the tendons are exposed, she’s got some severe abrasions from her neck down one side of her body, she also has a pelvic fracture,” foster volunteer Maria Minney said.

Because Juno required so much care, the NorCal Bully Breed Rescue took her in and they’re confident that she’ll recover with treatment and lots of patience. “She’s had a couple bad nights, but she’s been doing better. And after the first couple days where she was completely immobile, beginning on Monday she started standing up like Bambi,” Minney said.

“She was either intentionally injured or accidentally injured and intentionally thrown into the river and zipped into a suitcase. Call the Stockton Animal Control and explain yourself. Otherwise, we can only assume it was done out of evil,” Minney said in a message to whoever left Juno to drown in a suitcase.

Watch the entire video below to see the heartbreaking thing boaters found trapped inside a suitcase tossed in a river.

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[Featured image: FOX40]