Abandoned Pony With Horrible, Mysterious Wounds Gets A Second Chance

Abandoned Pony With Horrible, Mysterious Wounds Gets A Second Chance

It’s hard to understand why anyone would ever want to deliberately hurt an innocent animal, but unfortunately, we live in a world where humans are not always the kindest creatures on the planet.

The following story starts out pretty difficult, with a poor horse named Banjo being abused by monsters in a truly disturbing and mysterious way. Thankfully animal rescue hero  Nick White of World Horse Welfare Field Officer found Banjo when the Croydon, South London area with an RSPCA Inspector.

“When I first saw Banjo, he was a very frightened little pony and was hiding behind a very deep ditch from the other horses in the field where he had been abandoned,” White wrote on World Horse Welfare’s website.”He was standing in the corner, right next to a very popular London park and must have been seen by hundreds of people, but no one had taken the time to notice his terrible condition or made any effort to report him to a welfare charity. He truly was an invisible horse.”

One of Banjo’s wounds was so deep that his muscle tissue was exposed. The poor horse must have been in terrible pain, but soon after he was brought to the Welfare’s Rehoming Scheme, he started to make an unbelievable comeback.

“Looking at Banjo now, I’m amazed at his recovery. I never thought that I would see this pony in such good condition with his wounds healed so well. This is truly what World Horse Welfare is all about. Banjo is a happy, healthy, bright little pony with a sweet nature and his whole life ahead of him. Even though he has been rehomed, he remains in the ownership of World Horse Welfare for the rest of his life so we can guarantee that he never has to go through this suffering again.”

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[Featured Image: YouTube / World Horse Welfare]