9 Ways To Know If A Guy Likes You More Than a Friend

9 Ways To Know If A Guy Likes You More Than a Friend

Recently, you’ve been hanging out more than usual with a guy you know and like a lot.

But, how can you know if this guy likes you just as a friend – could there be something more?

You are sure that you are ready for something more than friendship, but you’re afraid to make a move because you don’t know if he feels the same way.

What are the signs to look for?

To know if the guy really likes you take into account not only what he says and does, but also his body language.

Our Life Daily team were asked to examine the available information and wisdom about this subject, and has made the following selection of the most important signs:

1. How does he talk to you?

he maintains eye contact

The way he talks says a lot about the way he feels. Does he maintain eye contact? When you are talking. And someone approaches the two of you, is he easily distracted? If he talks in a controlled way, that is an indicator that he has put some thought into what he is saying?

2. Notice what he says to you

he wants to take the relationship to a deeper level

For example, if he playfully teases you a lot, this is a sign that he’s flirting and wants you to flirt back! If he talks about his personal life, then maybe he wants to take the relationship to a deeper level. If he tells you that you look great when you see him, this is a sign that he really admires who you are.

3. What does he say about other girls?

What he says about other girls can tell you if you’re the only girl who interests him. If he asks your advice on how to get a girl, he could really be asking what you would like from a guy so that he can get you.

4. Pay attention to his body language

body language

If he “accidentally” touches you a lot, or his knee brushes up against yours, or his fingers linger when giving you something, maybe he wants to touch you more.

If you notice him staring at you, this is a sign that he’s admiring you. Check If his entire body is turned toward you when you talk, and if his arms are open and not folded at his side; this is a sign that he’s open to what you have to say.

5. Pay attention to what he does for you

he's constantly being thoughtful, be more than just a friend

If you find him giving you rides, making you lunch when you’re having a busy day, picking up your laundry, or fixing your car, and he’s constantly being thoughtful, it could be he’s looking to be more than just a friend.

And, if he really cares for you, he’ll listen to your problems, because he wants to take the relationship further.

6. Does he go out of his way to be with you?

he wants to hang out

If he’s constantly asking you to hang out, it means he wants to be with you. And if he’s making excuses for why he wants to hang out – saying, for example, that he “just happened to be in the area”, this is a sign that he’s embarrassed about how much he wants to be with you.

8. Which things do you do together?

things couples do together grocery shopping

Are you doing things together that couples do? For example, grocery shopping, cooking dinner together, or even going to the Farmer’s Market with one grocery bag? These are signs that he sees you as a girlfriend already.

If he invites you to meet his best friend and his family, this is a sure sign that he wants you to be a serious part of his life.

9. Ask around

Casually ask his friends if he’s seeing anyone or if he has feelings for anyone. Ask your girlfriends what they think. They’ve seen the two of you together so they can give you their assessment of the situation.

But, don’t take this to extremes. Don’t stalk or spy on your guy; if he finds out, that will be a real turn-off. Resist the temptation to check on his phone, email, or Facebook messages. And don’t follow him around to see who he’s hanging out with.

10. Take the initiative and tell him how you feel

If you’re pretty sure he likes you, there is nothing to lose. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Just find the right moment to tell him how you feel, and ask if he feels the same. If he doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, try not to be too disappointed.

That means it was simply not meant to be. If you want to continue the friendship. Remind yourself what a great friend he is in other respects. You may have missed out on a chance at romance, but you have a great friend for life.

Following our suggestions will help you to know if a guy likes you or not.

Have you ever been in the situation of not being sure about your guy’s true feelings? What did you do about it?

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