7 Dating Apps You’ve Never Tried, But Should

7 Dating Apps You’ve Never Tried, But Should

Cuffing Season is officially over, and now it’s time for a new summer relationship. Not sure where to start? How about the millions of dating apps that let you meet matches right from your iPhone?

We’ve all tried (and failed) to use Tinder to make a meaningful connection. But don’t give up hope yet! There are a ton of dating apps out there that you’ve probably never heard of, but you should definitely download them ASAP. Who knows, your new boyfriend/girlfriend could be out there waiting!

the catch

1. The Catch

Although this app is still in Beta, it has the potential to the best (and most fun) dating app out there. Kind of like “The Bachelorette” of dating apps, it creates a game where men answer a series of questions put forth by a woman on the app, and that woman gets to pick the winner–i.e. the one man who answers the questions best for her. Then the two can start a conversation, and hopefully, a real connection.


2. Hinge

This app is Tinder’s biggest competitor. But the nice thing is that it isn’t quite so random; you are only allowed to match with people who are friends of friends. So instead of swiping through a bunch of strangers just because they are in the area, you’ll know these people are legit, and you’ll also get to see someone’s education and work experience up front. On this app, you’ll already have at least one thing in common when you match. 


3. Bumble

A girl’s best friend, this app eliminates the pesky #byefelipe problem that women who online date know all too well. When a match is made by swiping right, the woman has 24 hours to start a conversation, otherwise the match disappears forever. Only the woman can make the first move, which protects them from getting mean and degrading messages from trolls online.


4. Siren

This is another app, similar to Bumble, that makes women want to online date again. But unlike Bumble, this is a Q&A based site, where women can put a question forward, and men have to answer in order to create a match. And women only show their photo to men they are interested in, which eliminates objectification, and also makes it clear to men that a woman in interested in them.

the grade

5. The Grade

Just when they thought school was over, members find that they’re still being graded, even in their dating lives. This app encourages good behavior by giving every member a grade, A through F, based on things like photos and messages. So if someone is a major creeper, you’ll know before you even message them (and that way, can avoid it).


6. The Dating Ring

This is one of the few dating apps that uses a matchmaker to help you find love, not an equation. For those who are too busy to endlessly swipe for love, The Dating Ring lets someone else do the work. You won’t be matched just based on location, but based on the fact that you actually might like each other. But, like all great things, the dates don’t come free, so only sign up if you’re really serious about finding love.


7. Tangle

This one uses your locations in a new way; it only shows you connections you’ve walked past. It’s been compared to the missed connections section on on craigslist, but maybe a little less creepy since both people have to have downloaded the app in order to be matched. So get outside and see if you can find that cute guy or girl you pass every day on the way to work!

[Featured Image Credit: time.com]