4-Year-Old Uses His Savings To Rescue Two Dogs At Animal Shelter

4-Year-Old Uses His Savings To Rescue Two Dogs At Animal Shelter

Most toddlers want toys for their birthday, but not 4-year-old Jaxton Betschart. 

According to Jaxton’s mom, Elyse Betschart, Jaxton has decided to use his birthday money to help two shelter dogs find loving homes. Last weekend, Elyse brought Jaxton to the Charleston Animal Society shelter where Jax chose 2 pit-bull-mixed breed dogs to sponsor- paying their adoption fees with his own money. 

Jax was drawn to a black and white pup named Penelope, as he especially liked the black patches around her eyes. 

As they headed to the front desk to sponsor Penelope through CAS’s Sponsorship Program, which allows donors to pay the adoption fee for a specific pet, Jax noticed a dog named Tank. “Mommy! He’s big and chunky just like me!” Jax exclaimed. 

Being only 4, Jax asked his mom to adopt Tank so the two of the could play Incredible Hulk together. Elyse explained to her son that Tank couldn’t come home with them, but Jax could do something even better- he could become Tank’s Guardian Angel and help him find his perfect home, just like he did with Penelope. 

“A lot of people don’t realize that sponsorship is an option, but you can actually tie that money to a face,” Elyse told iHeartDogs. A CAS staff member even snapped an adorable photo of Jax proudly displaying his guardianship certificate in front of Tank’s cage, and the photo quickly blow up!

Jax’s kind gesture inspired others to learn how to become Guardian Angels to CAS shelter pets. In just a few days, Jaxton inspired a “Give-alanche” of donations and sponsorships. Tank and Penelope were adopted immediately, as well as many other animals sponsored thanks to Jax’s example. 

If you’re wondering why Jax didn’t get to adopt a pet of his own, the Betscharts are a military family, moving from city to city every 3 years. They already have 4 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats, and unfortunately, they are unable to adopt pit bulls due to breed specific bans imposed by military housing. 

They do dream someday of starting their own dog rescue. Elyse tells iHeartDogs.com: “Animals are a huge part of our lives. Knowing that my son was the catalyst for the community coming together to give shelter dogs a voice makes me feel incredibly blessed. I feel like I’ve done my job- like I can retire as a mom!” 

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If you want to become a Guardian Angel for a shelter dog in need, click here to visit the CAS Adoption Sponsor page.

[Featured Image Credit: iheartdogs.com]