3-Year-Old Saved 2-Week-Old Baby Who Stopped Breathing

3-Year-Old Saved 2-Week-Old Baby Who Stopped Breathing

Most older siblings are protective of their younger brothers and sisters, but one Texas toddler is being hailed a hero for what she did for her two-week-old baby brother.

After the birth of her baby brother, three-year-old Joze-lynn Kern quickly took to the role of being the big sister and was constantly watching baby Kayson to make sure he was safe. And two weeks after Kayson was born, Joze-lynn’s diligent watch ended up saving his life.

After Kayson had been put down to sleep, Joze-lynn went in to check on her sleeping brother, but as she watched him sleep, she noticed his breathing wasn’t right. “He was dying, he couldn’t breathe or anything,” Joze-lynn said.

The hero toddler knew something as wrong and immediately told her parents. “She came in and said Kayson had stopped breathing, it scared me to death,” said grandmother Pam Chance. “He gasped for air,” said mom Autumn Kern. “If it wasn’t for my daughter, he wouldn’t be here today.”

The family rushed Kayson to the hospital and doctors were able to revive him, but doctors explained that the baby probably wouldn’t have survived if his sister hadn’t noticed he stopped breathing. “With young infants, there’s a thing called reflux, food comes up from their tummy and if it comes up too high, it can cut off their breathing,” Director of Pediatrics Regan Sciarrilla explained. “Not only does he have a big sister, he’s got a big hero,” Autumn said.

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[Featured image: KGW]