10 Great Ways That Show You How To Describe Yourself

10 Great Ways That Show You How To Describe Yourself

In which situations in life would you need to know how to describe yourself? It’s not as if you are called upon to do this every day, but there are times when its necessary

After checking, The Life Daily team discovered that there are two major circumstances in which you need to describe yourself. The first, and perhaps most obvious, is the job interview. This can be a nerve-wracking experience, so it’s important that you prepare yourself carefully, and answer with confidence.

Keep your answers short and simple. Make sure that they are relevant for both the company, and the position you are seeking

who am i

Here are five examples of how you should respond to being asked about yourself:

  • I’m a people person. I really like to meet and work with lots of different people.
  • I’m a perfectionist. I like to be sure that everything is just right and that I pay attention to all the details.
  • I’m a creative thinker. I have an open mind about what will work best and I like to explore alternative solutions to problems.
  • I’m efficient and highly organized. This ensures that I am as productive as possible on the job.
  • I enjoy solving problems, troubleshooting issues, and finding solutions in a as short a time as possible.

The second situation which requires you to talk about yourself could not be more different. We are referring to the highly personalized world of the dating scene

I'm brawny and brainy

Whether you are describing yourself online or face-to-face, your approach has to be much less formal than a job interview. You need to express your personality, but in way that will not scare away potential partners.

Here are five examples to give you an idea of the type of thing you might like to write or say:

  • I’m an open book; turn me one page at a time to unravel my story.
  • I’m not desperate or lonely, just adventurous enough to date online.
  • Beware: I may just be the most awesome person you’ll ever meet.
  • I’m dangerously overloaded with intellectuality. I can make your mind swoon.
  • I’m brawny and brainy (for a man!) – beautiful or attractive and brainy (for a woman).

As you can see, there is a world of difference between the two situations. We hope that we’ve been able to point you in the right direction for each of them. We’re sure you’ll be able to build on these ideas the next time you need to know how to describe yourself. Did you find this article helpful? Do you have ideas of your own you’d like to share? Just let us know in the comment feed below.